Different app window layouts when a 2nd monitor is present?

I have KM installed on several different MacBook Pro laptops 1 of these has a second monitor hooked up to it. I’m a bit fussy about have a BASE SET of apps open with their windows being all of the same size and staggered in set places on the screen to allow me to easily just click a window corner of any given HOME APP to bring it to the front. That being siad how do I use a synced KM library file and get the Mac to distinguish whether or not the second monitor is connected (FYI all my BASE APP windows appear on the second adjacent monitor to free up the main monitor screen for other applications). So ho do I get this series of macros to work only when the second monitor is attached, and have the macros deactivated if no second monitor is present.

You can find out the number of displays by using the SCREENCOUNT() function. Use an IF action and the condition must be "Calculation", like this:


thanks very much Dan. - needed to understand how to use screencount()

I just posted a macro that displays the screen sizes and positions that uses SCREENCOUNT:

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