Differentiate Left/Right Modifiers for Hotkey Triggers?

Is there way to distinguish left vs right modifier?
I.E. right option+t vs left option+t.

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The USB Device Key Trigger distinguishes left/right. In combination with an If…Then action you could do this:

A bit hackish though…

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Thanks Tom.

I made a device key macro for when right option is pressed, set variable rightOption to 1, and when released to 0.
Then I created a Macro with option+t that checks if rightOption variable is 1 and then runs the action.
Now the macro action runs only when right option+t is pressed. However, when left option+t is pressed, it swallows the shortcut and does nothing. I need to bypass left option+t, so people can use left option t for regular application shortcut and right option+t for KM macro.
Also, the trigger section says Trigger by “any” of the following. Is there way to set and instead of or operator for triggers? Then perhaps I can put device key right option and hotkey option+t?
Thank you for your help!

Hot keys are based on the modifier, not which modifier, and a hot key swallows the keystroke.

Triggers are a set of possible triggers, there is no “AND” and it does not make sense to have one. The triggers are events, not states.

You could have your macro enable and disable the second macro rather than setting the variable.

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Thanks Peter!

That actually worked using activating/deactivating by device key!

Thank you again!