Disable Keyboard Maestro macros when certain programs are running


Right now I have a couple of macros that launch different apps. However, within some apps I have a bunch of hotkeys that I use regularly, and some of them happen to be the same as my Keyboard Maestro macros. I would like to keep it this way, so I'm wondering if there's a way to keep the KM macros from executing while certain apps are in front. Right now I've set it up like this: https://imgur.com/1nkscTJ
But this doesn't seem to work the way I want it to. When I'm customizing hotkeys in the a software called Reaper for instance, it prevents me from assigning hotkeys that Keyboard Maestro is using. Is there a way to disable Keyboard Maestro when other apps are in the front? Cheers

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Do things in the opposite way sometimes will be better: let KM macros available to run while certain apps are in front.

Hello gurkenstein,

You can create a macro group containing macros which can be executed only if selected applications are at the front.

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Yes. This is easy, but you need to properly setup the Macro Group, and put the KM Macros in a MG that is activated ONLY when specific apps are frontmost.

For example, the MG makes its Macros active ONLY for certain apps:



If you want your KM Macros to active in most apps except for a few, then set the Macro Group to exclude the Apps where you want to use the Apps shortcuts, and not trigger the KM Macros:

For example, I have set this MG to be available to all apps EXCEPT certain Browser apps:


Make sense?

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Thanks guys! Really new to all this, but it's working the way I want it now!

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