Discourse Forum update for dark mode and less bugs

I would really love if the version of Discourse would be updated. Currently I can't change my profile as it doesn't fetch my Gravatar image and it doesn't let me pick an image from external file.

I hope new version of Discourse fixes this. I also would quite like to have night mode like one Swift forum has.

This forum is updated for each release version that Discourse releases within a week or so of each release.

There is currently one pending which might happen today, but release versions of Discourse tend to be far behind in features of Discourse. But I wont be installing beta versions of the forum here, so until it is released as a release version, it wont show up here.

But who knows, maybe “dark mode” or the avatar image bugs will be fixed in the minor update that is pending.

I upgraded to 2.0.4. It does not appear to include dark mode. I don't know if it has fixed the avatar bug.

Fixed avatar bug. Thanks.

Dark mode can wait. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think there is a new Discourse version which this forum have not been updated. The new version will show KM forum as full screen in Discourse hub (the iOS Discourse app). It is especially beautiful, going edge to edge in a iPhone XS..

Would be lovely if @peternlewis could update to latest version. Not sure if there's something blocking it aside from time.

To illustrate what I meant:

This forum is pretty much always on the latest release version.

Frequently folks ask for features and even the Discourse folks recommend switching to the “tests-passed” version, but frankly if it is not stable enough to be marked as the release version, I am not going to be installing it here, so you will need to wait until this feature is released in the release version of Discourse.


I fully support that approach 100%! :+1: