Discourse Interface Preferences Macro (v9.1)

Discourse Interface Preferences Macro (v9.1)

I like to use dark mode at night on Discourse forums, but I have not found a convenient way to get to the theme setting (under User_Preferences_Interface) without multiple steps, so I made this basic macro to get there in one step.

It works in all the forums I have tried as long as I am logged in and viewing the forum in the current Safari tab (since all the forums are .coms, my user name is the same across those forums and they all seem to use the same url structure).

This the first macro I've shared. Super simple, but may be of use to someone :slight_smile:

Discourse Interface Preferences.kmmacros (4.0 KB)

Hey Evan,

Good for you.  :sunglasses:

This is a function I'd expect to have it's own keyboard shortcut.

? on any Discourse page.

It does NOT however...

If you feel like it you might make a feature request:

But in the meantime – congratulations on your solution.


I know! I was surprised that it was not an existing shortcut. I will make the feature request.

Also worth noting that some Discourse forums have shortcuts to change the theme right on the hamburger menu:


Not sure if this is something @peternlewis can do or caress to bother with since there are surely bigger KM fish to fry :wink:

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