'Display Progress' Menu Option for Groups Action? (Already Works With 'For Each' Action)


@peternlewis is it possible to make the same 'Display Progress' menu option that already exists in a 'For Each" action menu (when right clicking) also work for a 'normal' Group?

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Greetings from Amsterdam!

Hey Roel,

You can roll your own progress indicator using the [Display Progress action].(action:Display Progress [Keyboard Maestro Wiki])


You'll have to do all your own math though.

The [Progress] field is a calculation field, so you can put variables in it.


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This is on the todo list.


Good to hear Peter, thanks a lot!

Hi Roel, like Chris (ccstone) mentioned you can show your own progress bar, and if you want it to increase incrementally you just have to do some math.

Below is a set of actions designed to do this. I haven’t posted this publicly before, so I don’t have any documentation for it, but the only thing you need to do is count how many actions you have and put that number in the green-colored variable (the one that has 23 in it). Then copy and paste the purple group in between each action and at the very end of the macro as well (you can set the progress to 100 in the last one to ensure the progress bar closes in case the math doesn’t add up to 100 for some reason haha).

NOTE: This may significantly increase the size of the macro since you have to have the purple group in between each action you want to count and display progress for. But it’s a reliable work-around I’ve been using for some time now.

-Also Chris

Show incremental progress bar.kmactions (3.2 KB)

Actions Screenshot (click to expand/collapse)


Just to add that at the end of the Macro you can put a single Progress Action set to 100, to close the progress bar automatically at the end of the run.

In fact, at the end of Macros that use the Progress Bar I usually put a Progress Bar Acton set to -1 (which will pulse) and have some kind of "report" in its title. Followed by a Pause Action to keep this onscreen to read it, followed by a Progress Bar set to 100 to close the Progress Bar automatically.


True… and I think where I use these actions I do indeed have an extra one at the end set to 100 just in case there’s any math issues. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for your efforts, but most of my macro's consist of 300+ actions so it would take way too much time implementing all these macro's with extra actions in between every action, so this is why I would love that Peter implements this functionality in a future version of KB Maestro (just the way it works for the "for each" action). I'll wait for that. Cheers!


I agree that it would be great to have an "automatic" Progress Bar as part of a Group Action and @peternlewis has hinted this might be coming at some point...

I would not put a Progress Action between every Action - just important steps in the Macro. What is particularly nice about the Progress Action is that you can put any text, including Variables in its title so, you can not only show Progress but also have a dynamic report of what stage the Macro is at.

In the example below, the Macro is running a Subroutine a number of times and the Subroutine has a single Progress Action in it. So, the whole Macro only has 3 Progress Actions in total (one at the start to say the Macro is starting, one in the Subroutine and one at the end to say the Macro has completed).

Progress Bar