“Display text briefly” won't display window

For some reason this action is not working. The display window option works fine, but the display text briefly doesn’t work.

I believe this action uses Notifications. Do you have Notifications disabled?

Thanks, but yeah the notifications is enabled for Maestro. I even checked Growl, whereas also enabled. It’s weird, because I rarely have any problems with KM.

The code path for displaying in a window, and displaying a notification looks like this:

case MTextResultsWindowKind::kWindow:
   [TextResultsWindowController DisplayWithTitle:inTitle description:inDescription text:inText];
case MTextResultsWindowKind::kBriefly:
   NSUserNotification* notification = [NSUserNotification new];
   notification.title = [inTitle localized];
   notification.informativeText = inText;
   [[NSUserNotificationCenter defaultUserNotificationCenter] deliverNotification:notification];

So basically Keyboard Maestro just hands off the notification to notification center. So if its not displaying, I would say it is an issue on your Mac (either a setting, or something screwed up somewhere). If the Notification Center settings look ok, I’d try a restart to clean out the system.

Yep, that did it. Sorry I didn’t think of that before posting the question. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

I was having this issue and then realized I have the system set to "Do Not Disturb" after 10:00 PM.

Good reminder it's bed time.