Do Action and Then Pause Until the User Hits a Keystroke

I need to search in online magazine for about 30 words, I want to be able to automate it so that

Search for word1 PAUSE
HIT KEYSTROKE Search for word2 PAUSE
HIT KEYSTROKE Search for word3 PAUSE


Can some one help me with this?

I'm sure there's a more elegant way to do it, but this worked for me.

Hey Elroy,

What web browser?

Is the magazine available for testing?

As you can see from @Ben_Mattison's post the pause part is pretty easy.


here is a magazine you can use for testing.

I have a set of keywords that I want to look for. @Ben_Mattison way if good but if there is another way, It would be good.

I would like to have to then keyowrds saved in a excel sheet and pick the words from there.

Hey Elroy,

Thanks for the test mag, but more info is needed:

A) You didn't say what web browser.

B) Please provide a zipped Excel worksheet example.
       - Drag it to the forum editor, and it will be uploaded.


Thanks Chris

I am using firefox

here is the zipped file (91.1 KB)