Do Keyboard Maestro presets include images used in macros after exporting and re-importing?

Hi everyone,

I recently ran into an issue with Keyboard Maestro after formatting my computer. Before formatting, I made sure to save my macro presets, which include steps with image conditions and actions that require mouse movements to specific image locations.

However, when I reinstalled Keyboard Maestro and imported my macros, I think all the steps were there, but the images used within those conditions weren't. Has anyone experienced this before? Is it normal for the images not to be included in the exported presets, or is there a way to ensure that they are saved and restored along with the macro steps?

Thank you!

How did you save/export your macros? Because typically exporting macros exports the entire macro, including images that are embedded in the actions.

Which actions were they missing from? At this point my best guess is that your images were stored in named clipboards, not in the macro.