Docking and Undocking

I want to use KM to automate some things that happen when I dock my MacBook Pro. I'm a total KM NOOB.... How do I create a script that when I undock it closes an application. Or even better, checks to see if I am docked, and if not, then it closes the application, then repeats 5 min later.

Hey Chuck,

Take a look at the USB Device trigger

If you have trouble finding the name of the Dock using instructions for the trigger, you may be able to find it by following this thread:

It's hard to help when you can't replicate the set-up and test...


What do you mean by docking your MBP? Do you mean connecting a HDMI to it?

Yea. Plugging in hdmi for second monitor and usb external drive.

Try the USB device connected trigger, if a usb device with the name XXX is connected do an action. The action can be "Quit a Specific application"
Hope this helps.