Does Keyboard Maestro Cache Downloaded Web Data?

I have a few macros that load pages or data from the web. I'm having a problem getting current data, though—I'll change something on the server, but I won't see the refreshed page in KM for some indeterminate amount of time.

I'm wondering if KM keeps a cache of downloaded web data, and it's referencing that instead of getting a fresh copy each time? It's not a huge lag—a few minutes usually—but it's annoying when trying to test an update to something.

(My host is protected by Cloudflare, which does do caching, but I disable their cache whenever I'm working on a macro that uses data from my site.)



Keyboard Maestro does not cache any web data.

But the OS APIs used by Keyboard Maestro may be caching data.

In the past when I have had to work around cached data problems I typically add a ? and a random number to the end of the URL to force a fresh download each time - that might be an option for you to workaround whatever is caching.


Thanks; that's kind of what I figured—and yea, I've added a random number to the URL to hopefully prevent it.


As Peter suggested, add a ? and a random number to the URL, something like:

URL randomizer.kmmacros (2.2 KB)