Does KM support multi-key triggers?

Does KM support multi-key triggers? Something like this:

I hit ctrl-M to “listen” for my next keystroke, then:

If I hit 1 then select specific button 1
If I hit 2 then select specific button 2

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Yes and no. This can be simulated by assigning the same trigger to multiple macros.

Once you activate the trigger, you’ll get a ‘Palette’ on your screen, which is just KM slang for ‘pop-up menu’.

The key you press next depends on how you named your macros, with the first letter of the name corresponding to the next button to press.

I often do just what you mentioned and name my macros like this:

  1. Some macro
  2. Another macro
  3. Third Base macro

Let’s say my trigger for all of them is Cmd-Shift-P.

As soon as I hit Cmd-Shift-P I’ll get that menu, and then if I want to activate the ‘Third Base’ macro, I just press 3.

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Thanks! Very helpful. I’ll play with it.