.doScript + plist XML for Plugin actions with parameters?

Probably a long shot, but I notice that we can call built-in actions by appKME.doScript(strPlistXML), and I wondered if there was any way of calling a custom plugin action with particular parameters in this way ?

My first experiment suggests perhaps not, which is understandable, or am I just getting the XML a bit wrong ?

This is what I tried:

"<dict><key>MacroActionType</key><string>Plugin</string><key>PluginFolderName</key><string>Move a Keyboard Maestro palette</string><key>PlugInParameters</key><dict><key>New X position</key><string>1000</string><key>New Y position</key><string>20</string><key>Palette name</key><string>Reminders</string></dict></dict>"

but that triggered an 'incorrect action XML message', so perhaps the attempt to pass a parameter dictionary is a bit ambitious ?


Fixed and it turns out that this does work ...

(fixed a typo: PluginPlugIn)

Impressive that KM makes this possible !

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