Download Bank Statement Almost Working

Love this Chris!

Since you mentioned ASObjC, are you using ASObjC Explorer 4?
It looks pretty nifty for debugging.

Hey John,

I do own a copy.

I also own Script Debugger, and I use that for regular AppleScript. (SD-5 doesn't support ASObjC though.)


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Something tells me I should look into those. The script Debugger in Filemaker Advanced is so helpful it’s a no brainer to be looking at these as well. So many toys, so little time. :wink:

Edit 01/20/2016 4:27 PM… I was just looking over this entire thread and realized this is a gold mine of information. I am going to have to print it or clip it to Evernote or something.

Some time there is an issue with downloading the files.

@SaraParker, please post your question/issue in a new Topic, and provide a much detail as you can to describe exactly what is not working as you expect.


Revisiting this after much tutorialing. This works beautifully in ScriptEditor. Where is the contents stored? I assume shCMD is either a variable or a standard command. I note it's not on the clipboard. pdftotext -layout - does not work. Is there a way I can dump the result either into a file or straight to the, or a clipboard? (Assuming it's not already in a file) The intent being to have KM parse it for a line in the file that has the account number and the date immediately following. Here's the output:

> " P.O. Box 56035 Member Statement Period: > Chicago, IL 60666 No: > (800) 328-1935 > 63753 04/01/20 thru 04/30/20 > > Account Summary

Also is the double quote " Coming from the output as well? Curious if I can use it as a possible starting point for parsing. Unless KM would not need it to snag the date of the file. I am snagging the date because the statements are named by the date of the statement so I can see them in order in a folder. (Note the > is the start of a new line, it didn't paste correctly)

In the AppleScript variable pdfText.

It would be best to add a command at the end:
return pdfText

to make it explicitly clear.

If you put this script in a KM Execute AppleScript, you can set that Action to receive the results in a variety of locations, including the System Clipboard, or a KM Variable.

shCMD is just an AppleScript text variable that stores the command to be run by the do shell script command, as shown in Chris' script:

set shCMD to text 2 thru -2 of ("
    export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:$PATH;
    pdftotext -layout " & (quoted form of posixFilePath) & " - 
  set pdfText to do shell script shCMD

I would save the results of the AppleScript to a KM Variable, and then use a KM Search using Regular Expression action using that variable as its source, to extract the date and any other data I wanted.

So does adding return store it somewhere such as a buffer?

No, it just returns the value of the variable from the script to whatever tool called the script.
As I said above, in the case of KM, you can capture the return value in the KM Action by setting the results option to any of these:


Got it. Thanks JMichael!

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