Dragged file trigger

How does dragged file trigger work?
It says this macro will execute when a file/folder is dragged on to the macro displayed in a palette.
No matter what I try, I can not make it work.
Does anyone know that? Just show me the process in gif !
Thanks a lot !

Can you show what have you done so far

It is working for me. I must admit I never even know this existed as a thing!

In the Gif below, the first Macro in the Palette does not have this trigger and dragging a file over it in the Palette does nothing. The second Macro has the Dragged File Trigger and it highlights and then runs the Macro when a file is dragged over it (in Finder). (The Macro is identical to what you posted above and it is in a Group that can run in Finder).

Dragged File Trigger


Wow ! It finally works! Thanks!