Dynamic Default List for Prompt for User Input (Example)

MACRO: Dynamic Default List for Prompt for User Input (Example)

-~~~~~ VER: 1.0 2016-07-20 ~~~~~


Dynamic Default List for Prompt for User Input (Example).kmmacros (9.1 KB)

Author: @JMichaelTX

PURPOSE: Show How to Use and Maintain a Dynamic List for Prompt for User Popup Choices

The Prompt For User Input provides for multiple choices in the default value for a popup field. However, it is a bit tricky to set this up to use a KM Variable for these default choices.

The below macro shows how to use a Variable for the popup default, and how to maintain this this variable, appending new items when needed, that will automatically show on the next run of the macro.

Example Output


Huh. I do this in a lot of places. Didn’t think about posting it, but probably because it’s tightly integrated with the rest of my code.

Thanks for posting this - I’m sure lots of people will appreciate it.

Yeah, it is simple once you know how, but can be a challenge in the beginning.

This macro was prompted by this request:

When he get’s done, it will be another good example of this, because it also shows how to check for a selection when making a copy.


I like this.

So, here’s a challenge. I have a macro and a group of macros: The macro prompts for info about a billable time event (when, what, client) and then builds the entry in Fantastical. The group of macros I use in other contexts that is merely a long list of task names – each macro in the group uses the same string as a trigger so I can choose the tasks from a conflict menu.

I’m thinking of using @JMichaelTX’s concepts above, and would like to build a “maintenance” macro that takes all of the task name macros from their group and builds %Default_List%. It’s OK if %Default_List% is rebuilt every time I run the “maintenance” macro.

Any thoughts about how to make a string out of the names of all the macros in a group? Oh – and in that group each name is prefixed by a numeral of a letter, for operating the conflict menu – so I want to strip the first 2 characters (numeral/letter and space).

This is awesome.

How would I delete an item that has now been added to the list?

Hey @Sinizter,

Manually – in the Keyboard Maestro Editor...  :sunglasses:

But you could pretty easily add a delete checkbox to the dialog, and a routine to delete the item from the list.

Something similar to this:

Keyboard Maestro Actions.kmactions (2.6 KB)