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Hey Everyone,
Bit of an unseasoned user to KM, so please bear with me if I am missing something here. I downloaded the recent update from Apple which has given me some safari issues regarding my KM macros. Because I don't have time right now to explore the minutiae details, I am just switching my Safari Macros to Google Chrome. Because I am having to do so many of these, I am wondering if there is a way that the macro could be changed or altered (again, I am probably missing something here) so that there would be a drop down menu to choose whether one wanted the macro to be a Safari or Google macro. So, for instance, let me give you a picture of what I am trying to explain:

What if there was a drop down menu somewhere on this macro (in this case the "Click Link" macro) so that I could choose to make this macro either a Safari or Google macro? This would save me a lot of time dragging the new macro from either safari or google. Is there a way to switch between the two, and if not, is it possible to include it in an update?

Again, my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience to anyone who might choose to undertake the burden of my ignorance.


No problem. We were all there once upon a time. :smile:
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You'll find this a very friendly place for the most part. So feel free to ask any questions.

Lot's of folks have reported issues with Sierra. That is just one reason I'm not upgrading from El Capitan for a while (months).

Nope, you're not missing anything.

Currently (as of KM 7.3), the KM Actions are hard-coded for either Safari or Chrome. To change, you have to delete the the current Action, and replace with the equivalent Action for the other browser.

PITA, I know. Been there, done that! :wink:

We have requested the @peternlewis provide an update/enhancement, whereby we would need/use only one KM Action for each function, and it would work with both Safari and Chrome.

But for now, it will just be a bunch of manual labor. No way to automate it (except via some complicated scripting) that I know of.

Before you change all of your macros, you might want to start out changing only the ones you are actually using right now. Who knows, with the next Safari and/or Keyboard Maestro update, your issues could be fixed and go away. (there's always hope).

For those that you are changing, you might want to just the "Switch/Case" Action to support both browsers, based on the browser that is FrontMost.
I use this often, and it works well:

Please feel free to ask any follow-up questions.

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You are a treasure! Thank you so much for the detailed response, and your gentleness with someone who is a bit naive (also, a bit relieved that I wasn’t too far off track). The Switch/Case is a fantastic tip - much appreciated!!!

Once again, I can’t thank you enough for your reply.

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You’re very welcome. It’s always good to receive feedback. Thanks for posting.