Editor Log errors

100’s of these ‘errors’ in the editor log

2017-11-29 11:13:01 Assertion Failed: us, file: /Users/peter/Keyboard Maestro/Project/Source/ActionEditors/AExecuteMacroEditor.mm:118, value: 0

Anyone with knowledge? Sir Peter?

For the error code see here. Unfortunately it seems the “0” error can be many things.

I just checked my log and I have also lots of “0” errors. Interestingly they stopped to occure at Nov 1, 2017.


Thanx Tom, I must have a couple hundred ‘entries’ at the same exact time today, Maybe Peter has come across the cause, if not, I guess I’ll live with them, although… it bugs the tar out of me. !!
all the best

It is trying to update an Execute Macro action in response to a macro name changing (not necessarily the macro that is being executed), but the editor is not finding the action. Probably the action editor is not being disposed of properly for some reason. If you can find a way to duplicate the issue, I’d be happy to hear it.

It probably involves having a macro with the Execute Macro action, and then doing something else (deleting it, deleting the macro, switching to another macro, syncing away the macro, something like that).


I responded on the following link

The two assertions are entirely unrelated, so discussing them on the same thread is likely to be confusing.

Keyboard Maestro is as robust as it is in part because I use assertions liberally in the code. This means as soon as anything is not as expected it is reported. For some of these, it can mean a minor discrepancy of the world from what the code expects leads to logged assertions that are not of much value. But for other things it means I can catch stuff early before it becomes an issue. So there are lots of assertions that could potentially appear, but they typically have different and unrelated causes.

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