Encapsulate similar into directory + Question

Hi there, my name’s Nikola.

I have cobbled together a macro that organizes my folders: it takes a string from Finder selection, and matching files are Encapsulated in a new directory.

Feel free to use it, I have scavenged this forum in search for snippets (thank you Christopher Stone and others).

I have one issue - it does not fare well with extended latin characters like ś and ć.

Can anybody chime in? It is propably in the applescript code that filters the selection.

Thanks and hello.

Encapsulate similar files into directory.kmmacros (15.7 KB)

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Hey Nikola,

How exactly is it failing?

The Satimage.osax is fully Unicode compliant, and my personal select-items script works fine with accented characters — so I’m not sure where the problem lies.

You did a pretty good job adapting my AppleScripts to perform your task.

I would do the whole job in AppleScript and remove the select-items step to make things faster.

I’ll take a look at the script tomorrow sometime.


Fan-Tas-Tic ! Fantastic ! Exactly what I was looking for. If we select several files with the same name but with different number or date in their name, it even shortens the new directory's name keeping only words that all file names have in common. Great ! Thank you.