Engine ? 5000 + times notification

I change the Simulate scroll wheel from 25 times (* 198) to 26 times(maybe this reason ?).
suddenly ,my keyboard maestro run slowly, slowly, at the same time , the notification at the top right corner ( as this two images), from 18 new notifications, to 72 new notifications, and to 5678 new notifications.
what is wrong ?

k18 k73

uploadSmartAPP 01-2.kmmacros (18.6 KB)

Find out what the notifications are sating in the Engine.log file (Help ➤ Open Logs Folder).

By far the most common case for "lots of notifications" is the Allow JavaScript From Apple Events issue - basically you are in a Pause Until action (or other loop), trying to communicate with a web browser, and that web browser is telling you you have to enable permission, and Keyboard Maestro is telling you each time it happens (version 9 will limit the frequency of this notification).