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Hello, I managed to create a macro to put myself in the Evernote Notebook search field.
I would like my macro to bring me directly into the ‘El Capitan notes’ notebook.
All I need to complete my macro is to type the string ‘El Capitan notes’, and I am unable to figure out which action to use to do so. Since the text is fixed, the User Input action is not useful.
I added the Set Variable action and set variable nb to El Capitan notes
How would I now tell the macro to type nb?
Thanks very much in advance

You can use “Insert Text by Typing” or “Insert Text by Pasting”. Pasting is usually faster, but it replaces the current clipboard value.

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it solved my problem. thanks very much !

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and what is I wanted to create a more generic notebook search, one where the user is prompted for the notebook name.
Which actions would i use to:

  • prompt for notebook name
  • input the prompt into the search box.
    thanks very much

In case you don’t know, you can press Control+Command+A, or Edit->Insert Action->Name, and you get a box that you can kind of search for actions. So if you got lucky and managed to type in either “insert” or “text”, you would have found this action.

But as I said, you have to type something that will get a hit.

Since there’s 250+ actions available, no way most of us will ever remember them all! So if you can’t find it, we’re here!

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great ! thanks !

Hi, so I am trying to type in the user's input. this is what my macro looks like, and I am not sure what to type in the variable field, and if it makes sense.

Try this:


This tells Keyboard Maestro to “use the value of the variable ‘nb’”.

@ronald, are you using the latest version of EN Mac (6.7)?

The Quick Search brought up by ⌘J does pretty much what you are asking for:

And it does something KM cannot do: auto-complete your selection as you type.

There is also the "Jump to Notebook", J

Perhaps I'm missing what you want to do, but it seems like to me that these native EN Mac tools would work better than a KM macro.