Entering keystrokes in a Macto

I am trying to set a macro to start screen capture using shift-command-5. When I try the action "type a keystroke", all it will accept are standard keys like enter etc.

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Take a look at the Hot Key trigger, right at the top of the list:


I had no trouble inserting what you want:


If that doesn't work for you, we should figure out why. However in the worst case we can probably work around the problem by using a different way to force a screen capture, like this: (we have to specify the filename to save the image, you may want to change the filename that I specified, below.)


I think this command does what you want. For fun, give it a try.

Another user had a similar issue. Have a look at this thread and follow the link in it for help with troubleshooting:


Thank you very much for the quick response. I set it up an independent macro with no problem. I think my problem was that
I tried to add it as a step in another macro.


Glad you got it working, but it sounds like using a subroutine action might be ideal here.

See; Subroutines [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]