ESC key trigger using Touch Bar


I've a macro which is activated by a double click on the (physical) escape key.
I was able using the "This device key", and then pressing the ESC key.
There was a small caveat, I needed to add every ESC key of every device.

Now I got a MBP with a Touch Bar, and my way of working is not functioning anymore.

Any thoughts on how to capture a double click of the Touch Bar ESC?


In my tests using Touché (I don't have a Touch Bar mac), Keyboard Maestro could detect the Escape key press as a USB Device Key, but it could not do so for taps. I had a look and there appears to be two different HID events for turning on and two for turning off, and to Keyboard Maestro that looks like two keys being pressed and two keys being released, and therefore it not a tap.

But I could detect presses and releases, so therefore with some logic you could detect double taps by tracking the time of the press and release and tap count (as was done before I added direct support for multiple tap triggers in Keyboard Maestro).