Execute an AppleScript Action (v9.2)

Execute an AppleScript Action (v9.2)

I share a macro set with a team of artists that includes this action. It works correctly for me, but when they load the macro group the AppleScript changes the application name to "Adobe Photoshop CC 2020" and fails to run. How can I permanently change this script to work properly from the start?

Background: I think this may have started happening when I attempted to use a KM variable in place of the application name in the script. But that approach did not work.

Actually, that variable was still present. I wonder if it was affecting the AppleScript Action even though the KM Variable had been changed within the action.

I deleted the old variable, deleted all variables and resaved the set. Sent it to an associate and the AppleScript action STILL updates as 'application "Adobe Photoshop CC 2020"'. It has me baffled.

When loaded by a team member it looks like this and must be corrected:

Execute an AppleScript.kmactions (802 B)

Confirmed, this was the residual effect of using a KM variable in place of the application name in the AppleScript. Re-typing the " tell application "Adobe Photoshop 2020"" line fixed the problem.

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