Export and then rename with file name

Hello everyone...I'm a fairly new KM user and am stuck in a rut right now on how to program a command.

I have a file named "AB 1m07" and when I export the file I'd like it to say "AB 1m07 v4.3 DDv1"

BUT... the "v4.3 DDv1" will change from project to project. For example, another desired file name would be "AB 2m21 v1.6 DDv1"

I was wondering if there was a way to be able to export/save the file "AB 1m07" but always have KM be able to paste in which "v4.3 DDv1" I'd be using.

Thanks! I really appreciate the help

Hey David,

Clearly you haven't explained your process thoroughly enough for people to help, since no one has answered for 11 days now.

Tell us what app you're exporting from and what version of macOS you're using.

When you export does the app use a standard save dialog?

More details please.