Export File in QT Player Finished

I'm trying to pause a KM macro until QT Player finishes an 'export as...' rip to my desktop.
I tried 'Pause Until - Path' but the path is established as soon as the export starts, not when finished. A window named Export Progress opens and then closes when finished. QT is scriptable and there is a Window with several properties. Problem is I'm pretty lame with AppleScript. Help I need is a script that does something, when that window closes, that KM will recognize. Thanks in advance for your help.
(Using QT 10.5, Monterey 12.3.1 and KM 10.0.2)

Try “pause until” and then choose a menu item called “save” is available.
I think when QuickTime is bouncing it can not save.

Also add 1 second pause after the “pause until” just to be safe.

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What a great trick. I see a few menu items in the File Menu are dimmed during the export. Thanks for the quick reply.