Export selected photos and drag and drop them


I want to drag and drop some selected images from Photo app to Chrome, but unfortunately this doesn't work and just one image is copied to a website instead of all of them.
This Workaround works:

  1. Export from Photos app to a folder
  2. Drag and drop the files from a folder to Chrome

How can I make this process simpler with KM?

#1 Exporting from Photos app:
Opening the export dialog is easy but you have menus to go through and select the export path. I don’t know how KM can handle this?

#2 Drag and drop the images from finder:
What here comes into my mind that a finder window could open automatically showing all the files and select them so that I can just drag and drop it.

Do you have any recommendations/ideas how to solve this??

Hey @EneasBando,

Here's a place to start.

Export Photos to Dated Folder


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