Extract information from website

I want to pull specific data from web pages using KM. I mainly use Chrome as my browser but am open to using Safari if it is easier. The goal here is I want to go to a webpage with a list of contacts. I want to be able to extract their information from that page and parse it into excel/google sheets.

For example the HTML for the webpage is:

"div class="jsx-1448471805 agent-name text-bold">Stephen Hachey"

div class="jsx-1448471805 agent-phone hidden-xs hidden-xxs">(877) 661-3275

I want the macro to be able to find and pull all the information which matches:

div class="jsx-1448471805 agent-name text-bold">XXXXXX

div class="jsx-1448471805 agent-phone hidden-xs hidden-xxs">XXXXXXX

What is the best approach to do so?

Usually the best approach for this type of workflow it to use Execute a JavaScript in Front Browser action.

Take a look at this macro as an example of how to do this:

MACRO: Extract Data from Web Page and Paste into Mac App [Example]

for more examples, do a forum search on "JavaScript extract web".
You can also search on the forum tag "webscrape".

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