Fastest Way to Turn Macros On/Off

I mean it doesn’t take a horrifically long time to toggle a macro on or off, but I was just wondering if anyone had a quicker way than opening the editor and dis/enabling the macro you want

I guess it depends a bit on the context (I find that the ‘Available in the following apps’ conditions are usually enough to avoid keystroke collisions), but if you have some particular macros that you regularly need to toggle between enabled and suspended states, you could wrap their behaviour in IF conditions which branch on the state of a variable, and toggle the state of that variable between an enabled and disabled value, whether using 0 ⇄ 1, true ⇄ false, or some other scheme.

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There is also the Set Macro or Group Enable action which you can use any way you like.

Also, Macro Groups can be configured to be toggled on and off.


I should be more specific in my questions. I’m asking with a particular macro in mind. I was getting mixed up switching to my calendar and being on the wrong week, so I created a new macro group available only for BusyCal and made a macro that triggers on activation. It switches to Week View and jumps to Today whenever I swipe over to it. Needing the view to persist between activations will honestly come up only very rarely and toggling it manually is not a big deal at all, but hey, this is the KM community. Making marginal improvements to things that other people wouldn’t consider an issue is our bread and butter!

Thank you suggesting a conditional. I set the macro not to execute if the caps lock is on. I figure this won’t affect much since the case in which I would need to switch between the calendar and other apps is for reference and not writing.

Thanks CP!