Feature Request: Accessibility wizard, to enable KM in System Settings

Sir @peternlewis, it'd be great if new users got a Wizard that guides the user through enabling KM and KM Engine.
Some apps (forgot name) do this, checking if they have all the needed permissions to run.

Also would help every time Apple releases a system update, and we need to reset/re-enable the system settings.


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Yes, it would be nice, and I've seen some apps that do try to do this.

Unfortunately it is very difficult - there is so many differences between the different permissions:

  • Some require different permissions for Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine.
  • Some require the app to be quit & relaunched.
  • Some have explicit APIs to request or detect permissions, but many don't and even those that do do not work reliably.
  • Many have bugs that make any actual sequence to enable them prone to failure.

Version 10 tries to do better at this, but its still a nightmare.


Excellent, great to hear version 10 improvements!