Feature Request: Application trigger

would this be possible:
Application trigger: when specified application is frontmost and any letter is typed?

I'm not sure what you are asking for, since triggers for both Application events and Typed String currently exist:

As "JMichaelTX" says, that feature exists now.
I use it a lot.
Here's a bit more on how to do it.

And can do not just in a specified application, but in a specified window, if you wish.

This example is an RSS reader ("Bamboo") in Firefox.
One key trigger for each KM macro.

Can also set a pallet to pop-up in each application or window to remind you of the trigger keys.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Thank’s JMichaelTX and Mark for the help!
One part of my question is solved by what Mark showed me: using a macro group with Available when a focused window title is…
Then I would like to have my macro triggered by hitting any (not one specified) letter. The typed string trigger does not give that option.

I wanted to bring back one thing I loved, but the developers of my favorite database program killed. When the application was focused one could trigger search by just typing a search term. There was no need to open a search window first.

Maybe this:

Wow! Thank’s!

Mark, so in effect you aren't using any of the readers shortcut but merely switching to the app and using your own custom shortcuts. (Without a modifier key). Would that be correct?

Excellent question from "Tunes".

Recently, I discovered that KM shortcuts activate before App or system keystrokes.
So, can create KM shortcuts to overlay and substitute for shortcuts in Apps.

Short cuts in many Apps are confusing and difficult to remember.
So I'm replacing those with one-letter shortcuts in KM.

I hope this is helpful.
If anything not clear, I welcome questions.

Here's an example:
Shortcut ⌥ X is hard-coded in the application.
Using KM, I just type "F" instead.

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Unless I’m missing something, this is precisely what Keyboard Maestro was designed for in the first place. All the rest of the functionality has grown up around that basic functionality. :+1: