Feature Request: Change Status Menu Text when holding down the Option key

I discovered in another thread that there’s all sorts of things you can do with the status menu, palettes, etc, by holding down various modifier keys. For example, if I hold down the Option key while clicking on a macro in the Status Menu, it will open that macro in the editor.

The problem is, I can never remember what key cause what action.

Any chance you could have the status menu change when we click one of these modifier keys so it says what will happen, like it does in the right-click menu in Finder when you hold down the Option key? That would really help. Thanks.

I agree, Dan, it is hard to remember all of the modifier keys for the Status menu.

Until/IF Peter makes some changes to the software, we can at least put a comprehensive list in the Status Menu [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] article.

If you will help collect the various options, and post here, I'll be glad to update the KM Wiki.

Of course, Peter may come along and post the complete list here. :smile:

Here's a quote from one of Peter's previous posts, where I learned about this in the first place:

In the Trigger Macro by Name palette, option double click to edit the macro.

In macro palettes, option click to edit the macro.

In the status menu, hold the option key down to edit the macro.

I have yet to figure out a good UI for hot key/typed string triggered macros.

It’s a good idea. I couldn’t do it in palettes (the change of text would be distracting if it changed every time you pressed the option key), but in the status menu it would be a good idea.

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