Feature request: Change visual design of the Pause Action to a Bubble

This is my first post.
What do you guys think about this?.
having a Pause Bubble instead of pause action. A small bubble that can be placed between actions instead of what we have now.
Thanks for reading

Hi and welcome,
I like the idea :+1:,
it'd be useful to visually differentiate some actions, similar to what Automator does

thoughts @peternlewis ?

Edited your title to make it clearer

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Welcome @RazMastero! For a moment I got excited and thought you’d actually implemented this!

My thoughts;

  1. Visually it is inconsistent: your whole screenshot is white text on a dark background but your bubble is the exact opposite and I don’t understand why.

  2. It would be nice to know what units the 1.5 is in: seconds, minutes, hours or …?

  3. How would you envisage changing the value/colour/other settings works?

  4. If you go out of edit mode, what happens to your bubble then?

  5. Why have you chosen the Pause action? There are plenty of others.

It’s nice to see someone thinking out of the box - even if it’s bubble-shaped.

Thanks, tiffle
1-Yeah It is just an example I am sure the final version would be much nicer.
2-my bad I should have added 1.5 s.
3-I am not sure what you mean by that!
4-I imagine that in edit mode it can be the same way that we used to see it.
5-you are right. This can be implemented to Debugger, Pause, etc.

Well, are you proposing a fixed 1.5 s pause that can’t be changed- no I didn’t think so! How would the user change the value and the units. Also, every action has a gear menu allowing you to change things like colour, failure behaviour, etc. How would that work with your design?

No. Your screenshot was taken while in edit mode. If you switch off edit mode what would your bubble look like then. (If you don’t know about edit mode you should look it up.)


Hi, probably something like that is better.

I'm afraid I'm not really seeing how this is all that much better than:


If anything, it seems to put too much emphasis on the pause, which is literally doing nothing, rather than the other actions doing the work. But if that is what you want, why not just collapse the action and color it?

As shown, it wont work for many actions that have information under where it is positioned (for example, if you move that bubble up one action it would cover a bunch of the title of the Move and Double Click action).


Yes, but it’s not really any different to what we already have!

I’m afraid, for me, the bubble has burst.


@tiffle if you eventually use BetterTouchTool, then I have a bubble for you :wink:


Especially with KM macros that you use less often, the display of a hint for the next action (keyboard key etc.) is very helpful.

In this video here you can see how I have created a comprehensible preset in Snagit.



Oh my, @appleianer. You are somewhat of a master. I bow to your expertise. :ok_hand:

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every time I see one of @appleianer videos, I realize I've only scratched the surface of what KM can do.