Feature Request: "Filter Variable" title should include "to variable"

@peternlewis Please forgive me if this has been requested before.

Given this action:

I'd like the Title, or Name, to (automatically) be:
Filter Variable "Local_SourceFilePath" with Parent Path to Variable "Local_Folder"
or something like that.

Including all the appropriate "to" options, and in all actions where this type of thing would be relevant.

I realize this is no simple task, so if it never happens, that's OK. But I thought I'd ask. :smile:



It is always a challenge determining what information should be in the title, since the title needs to be kept relatively short.


Understood. But hey, that's what big monitors are for! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why not use a pretty standard method when displaying long titles: Display as much as possible based on the current size of the object, and if not long enough use the ellipsis.

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That is a useful tool for truncating things (and indeed, actions do that with the titles), but it is not a useful tool for deciding what things are in the title.

The title is by its nature a summary of the action. It is not designed to give all the information about the action.

You can, of course, rename the action and add whatever else you want in there if desired.

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I have been using KM for years with great pleasure and it is only two months ago that I discovered what the option to Rename the Action was about - rename action in KM . It makes it so much easier to read my scripts now! I cannot believe that I missed it. Also I realise that I do not know how to post an image to this forum. Sorry!

You can post an image just by pasting it into the editor window, assuming you're browser supports it. I suspect you can drag and drop it also, into the editor.

Regarding renaming the action, KM has so many features that I'm sure there's a lot of obvious and really helpful things that can be done, that I don't know about or have ignored. Sure is nice when you discover something new like that, right? :smile:

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Yes, it works. thank you! Sure it is nice to discover a new gem in KM!

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Well, no one said it was "a useful tool for deciding what things are in the title".
My point is that when it makes sense to include more info, there is a easy, often-used technique for display that info.
The decision to include the add'l info in this case is based on what would really be useful to see in the title.

As I look across many Actions, I find you are somewhat inconsistent in deciding what to include.

  • Some Actions include nearly all the essential info
  • Some Actions are so brief as to barely indicate the nature of the Action.

In this case including the "to Variable "Local_Folder" would allow us to collapse the Action and still see the key, essential info.