FEATURE REQUEST: Is it Possible to enhance the "Dragged File" Trigger to work with KM Macros and Actions (in Editor), too?

Hello Peter (@peternlewis)

First of all - I think the Dragged File Trigger for Finder is really great - Many Thanks for this Trigger and the long time it is integrated in KM's functionality.

I don't know if this Request was made to you or not - but I think an enhancement - dedicated to KM's Editor would be very great.

Since our all loved or sometimes hated System macOS brings a lot of support for drag and drop and we can drag and drop Actions & Macros back and forth in KM my thoughts are:
"Why we don't have drag and drop for Acrtions & Macros when dropped on a Macro which has its place on a Palette ?"

=> Even a seperate Trigger like "Dragged Macro or Action" would be a great enhancement for KM.

  • maybe with support for multiple Macros or Actions
    • or a seperate Trigger for "Dropped Actions" and one for "Dropped Macros"

I am hoping that this is not a "too boring" Request and we all can have this Feature in the near Future of KM (hopefully Ver 10).

Greetings from Germany

Tobias alias @Nr.5-need_input

Sorry, I am not understanding what you are trying to do.

You want to drag macros/actions from the Keyboard Maestro editor on to a Macro Palette icon? To do what?

Hello Peter

Currently I am not trying to do something ....

Yes. I would if this could be done .... but since this is only possible with Files and Folders in the Finder I had this Idea for a Feature Request....

  • For Macros

    • moving / copying in Batch to a different Group

    • Export in Batch

      • as File and Image for each Macro and zipped for any other following Tasks
    • Batch adding a Initial Comment to any Macro as first Action with every one that doesn't have one

    • Batch removing any Color in all Actions of any of the dropped Macros

  • Export in Batch as Text (XML or JSON) using DanThomas's KMET to BBEdit for Actions and Macros and even Groups

.... and so on

Based on some of the ideas I've mentioned now are maybe Tasks whose are not used very often and therefor a "Dropped on" Trigger could be very valuable in my opinion.

I know that all of these could be used with a HotKey- or Status Menu Trigger but having some different Trigger with a Droplet like functionality is the Kind of thing I - and maybe others, too - associate with Tasks that are done in Bulk.

I Hope that my Request sounds more clear to you now...

Have a nice day

Greetings from Germany


Generally I am more likely to take seriously a feature request if there is actually something specific you are trying to do.

If there were some sort of "Dragged Macro" trigger, then the macro would presumably simply receive the UUID of the dropped macro(s).

It seems like simply basing the macro palette on the selected macro/actions would be just as easy, and that is already possible with Keyboard Maestro’s existing AppleScript support. So I'm not really convinced the dropping actions or macros onto a palette would have sufficient utility to be worth a trigger.