Feature Request: Magic Trackpad swipes as triggers

Hello Peter,

I am currently using BetterTouchTool to add functionality to my Magic Trackpad 2.

With a desire to minimize the utilities that I run, it occurred to me that I could get all of the BTT functionality that I use (which isn’t a lot) if Keyboard Maestro supported Trackpad swipes or corner touches as macro triggers.

For example, when I touch the upper left corner of the Trackpad, it acts as a middle mouse click. Another example: when I swipe right with three fingers, it shows the next tab in Safari.

Any chance that you can add Trackpad triggers to KM?

Thanks for listening!



I use BTT a lot. I usually map KM hotkeys to BTT. KM does have a few trackpad triggers I think.

I’m interested in eliminating BTT, not just mapping hotkeys.

If KM currently has trackpad triggers, please tell me where—I just went over the available options, and I can’t find anything.

No, Keyboard Maestro does not currently have any trackpad or gesture triggers, and there are no immediate plans to add them, though they may come in some form in some future version of Keyboard Maestro.


Thanks Peter.

+1 for me. Would love this.

Does KM support gestures on the Magic Mouse 2? I've just started using the MM2 and swiping to the right executes a go back in some applications and I'm trying to implement it for others.

Is BTT the way to go if KM doesn't? I don't like having too many utilities going like the OP.

PS. I tried using my Logitech mice and they both are too slow at times—no response. I like the ergonomics of the Logitech better, but the MM2 stays responsive.