[Feature Request] Name macro in "macro cancelled" notification

I sometimes get mysterious notifications “macro cancelled” because of timeout. It would be a big help if the name of the macro were included in that message (e.g., “macro Broken cancelled…”). I realize that “the name of the macro” is not universally defined or meaningful, given all the indirect ways macros can be invoked, but surely something reasonable could be done for the more complex cases.

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It's a good idea. In the meantime, when that happens again, do this:

  1. Go into the KM Editor.
  2. Click this button on the top toolbar:

It should show you the recently run macros, and give you a clue as to what macro had the error.

I’m not sure what message you mean, if an action times out, the message includes the macro that was triggered, something like this:

Action timeout exceeded. Macro ‘00)Testing’ cancelled (while executing Alert ‘Keyboard Maestro Alert’).

It includes both the name of the macro and the name of the action.

If you don’t see it in the notification (perhaps it is truncated), you can look in Notification Center and it shows the full message, or you can look in the Engine.log which also has the full message.

Perhaps a mean to go directly to the “faulty” action (macro) can be useful?


Unfortunately, limitations in the notification system has so far thwarted my ability to do that.

So, what do you think of a status menu entry (for example) like “-> Last macro error”?

I'm not sure what I was talking about either, because I am now seeing macro names. They are truncated, and the notification is too brief, so your instructions for ways to get the whole notification later are very helpful.

I caught a case of what motivated my OP:

It shows the step but not the macro. But Dan's explanation how to get the macro history should be sufficient.

You can also go to the “All Macros” group and sort by “Date Used”.


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The message is simply truncated in the notification.

If you look in Notification Center, it shows more of the message:

Even then it is truncated, but you can use this action to display the last few lines of the Engine.log file.

Execute a Shell Script.kmactions (0.6 KB)

This seems to just select the most recently executed macro. Your comment implied you could see multiple macros. What’s up?

I actually don't know how that works. I was just parroting back what someone else said.

If you want a bigger list, try this:

If you click it, it takes you to the most recently executed macro. If you click and hold, you get a menu of the recently executed macros.

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