Feature Request: Persistant Dialog Box with Touch Buttons

I’m in the process of making a sort of kiosk to do my side work as a digital caricaturist. I’d like to be able to divide my screen into a section for drawing and a section for a “button panel” to run each macro in the process.

Examples of the macros are… Making, moving and deleting layers, switching brushes and tools, selecting saved color themes, printing, uploading and emailing, and beginning the process again. (All in all, about 20 steps.) In the end, all of my work has to be done in under 5 minutes so theres no time to waste.

I’m sure I could use Xcode to make this “button panel” but I’d prefer to have as few apps running as possible.

A panel like this would also make it very easy to create a faux Events or Booking system. Or for that matter any type of action that aggregates information from one or more sources to several applications.

The closest you can come currently is to use a Macro Group palette. The buttons include the icons and names in a list.

You never know what version 7 might bring.