Feature Request: To Be Able to Sort Macros by Number of Actions Inside a Macro


I am in a period of compacting my macros so that I can become better at shrinking them
and I noticed that It would be awesome if I didnt need to prepend the count of actions inside each macro to the macro name just to get it to sort in order. This allows me to find out which macros are too long and needs looking into.

I can get the number of actions inside a macro thanks to ccstone awesome script found here:



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You can sort macros by size, but that is the rough byte size of the macro.

There is no option to sort by number of actions, and I can't image adding such an option to the already long list of sort options I'm afraid. Especially since it is ambiguous, do you mean actions at the top level, or all nested actions?

It should be relatively straight forward to write an AppleScript, although scanning through nested actions might be interesting.

All including nested actions.