Feature Request - Trigger Macro by Name w/Live Search

I think this was a feature in v6. But it would be nice to have this work like Quicksilver.

For example,

My macro name is - “BlahBlahUploadImage”

But I could trigger it by activating the Trigger Macro by Name and typing “BBUp” or some variation of that.

The Trigger Macro by Name action is alive and well in version 7.

It is normally installed by default, on Command-Option-Control-T. If you have somehow deleted the macro, you can add it back using the Macro Library (all default macros exist in the macro library).

And better than ever!    :smile:


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Sorry, I didn’t make it clear. Trigger Macro by Name is working for me. The Live search isn’t.

Using my example above, if I type “BBUp”, I get no results. I would really love it if typing that would give me matching results like


Is it there, but I’m not activating it correctly?

Hey Derek,

Put a space between the word segments.


Thanks for the quick response, Chris. That did the trick.

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t need the spacebar. It definitely feels more intuitive when I can reduce my keystrokes. But I understand if it’s not a possibility at the moment.

The search changed to be more along the lines of a typical web search.

abc def ghi

searches for a macro that matches the three words, abc, def, ghi, in any order, but all have to be present.

The old search was along the lines of a translation from your example “BBUp” to “*B*B*U*p*”, so as long as those letters occurred in that order in some part of the macro, that would match.

The new search is better (IMO, which carries much weight in this case ;- ), but change is always difficult.

Ahh I see the benefit of having that. I just had no idea that’s how it worked till I read your explanation.

Thanks for taking the time.