Feature suggestion: Bluetooth proximity detector

I’ve seen some apps that feature bluetooth detection for security purposes. I think this is right up your alley. I am leary of buying the other apps because I fear they might interfere with Keyboard Maestro – they feature USB, bluetooth and location detection to invoke scripts.

Purpose? You can use bluetooth detection to lock/unlock the computer. With Keyboard Maestro you would have an advantage over the others since you might allow multiple bluetooth devices (multiple triggers). This would bring a new class of users.

Another feature might be location detection, but WiFi network pretty much does that now. I guess it might be nice if it didn’t require connection.

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Bluetooth triggers are on the todo list - probably not for 7.0 though.

This is an AWESOME idea. I wish that it already existed in V8. Any plans to put this on the roadmap?

I could not find any way to implement it I’m afraid.

Based how poorly all the BT utilities for the Mac (other than Apple’s unlock with watch) work, I am not surprised it’s nigh-impossible. I’ve tried several BT utilities on my Mac and not one has been workable. Maybe in 10.14 we’ll get some system level BT 5 libraries?