Find files and rename

I've been using the abbreviation "RR" for "Reading Room" in some filenames for almost four years, and a friend recently suggested a better abbreviation is "RRm". Now I want to go back and change the past, because these files are in a synced folder that is an important archive. Can KM help me by revealing the files that need to be changed, either singly or in batches, and then adding an "m" after "RR" in each filename?

Thanks for your suggestions. I've been using KM for years, but have never ventured very far into the confusing world of variables, calculations, and pathnames, and it would be trial and error (and I'd like to avoid the error part, since I'm not sure how to sandbox the synced folder, although at least turning syncing off until I'm sure things have gone well would probably be a good idea).

I know this is a KM question but I don't think it's the right tool for the job if you don't me saying. A better tool would be "A better finder Rename" or some other renaming app. Just my 2 cents:-)


Open a Finder window.

Search for RR in the top right search box.

Press on the little plus sign beneath and choose "Name" and "contains". Then enter RR again (with or without leading/following whitespaces, according to your naming conventions). You can add additional conditions (like file type) by pressing “+” again and setting them. Finder will provide you with a subset of files. Choose all you want to rename, right click, choose Rename x objects. In the dialogue choose Replace text. Enter RR and RRm.


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Thanks, Jeff. You are probably right. KM is such a "go-to" for me that I couldn't think more broadly. I'll try Chris's suggestion, and if that doesn't work, then I'll look for an app.


Thanks for spelling it out for me, Chris. I didn't think out using the Finder's find to avoid having to go into 48 different folders. I use that right-click rename a lot but did not think that it could work across folders.


@qrt’s suggestion is definitely the way to go (just make sure it is case sensitive otherwise any files with “rr” in them might also be renamed).

There is a macro I wrote long ago to batch rename files:

And it could easily be extended to go down nested folders, but when the Finder’s batch rename works, that is definitely the way to go.