Finder: Intra-Drive Drag and Drop = Move

When using finder, I am simply trying to get the function “drag and drop”, even within the same drive, to be MOVE, not copy. I started looking in the KM forum, but nothing jumping out at me. Seemed to me that there might be some simple hook in KM to accomplish this. I do not believe it is settable within OS X itself, even through some hacked out method. Any insights appreciated.

When you drag-and-drop a file in Finder from one location to another on the same partition, the operation executed should be “move”. Is that not what happens for you? If not, there is something wrong with your system*.

What exactly do you want a KM macro to do?

What have you tried, and how did the results differ from what you expected?

Do you need to drag-and-drop, or is it sufficient to move the selected file(s) (without actually dragging-and-dropping)?

(Added:) * Permissions, locked files, or worse (afaik).

Hey Ed,

On my system drag & drop can default to move, or copy, or alias depending upon what I’m dragging from where to where – even on the same drive.

There’s nothing Keyboard Maestro can do about this.

However – try holding down or or .

These each affect what the result of the drag & drop should be.


I can certainly use the command key when dragging and dropping a file from one disk drive to another to initiate a move. But I just want to be bothered with this, I just want everything to be a move unless I indicate I want to copy. This is the default behavior my copying within the same drive someone file directory to another. I just want this type of functionality extended to what I’m copying from one drive to another.

The reason for this is that I move large files around periodically, and in general these type of moves (or copies) result in duplicate files being strewn throughout my various disk drives.

So I think I understand the default behavior of Mac OS X, and I think I understand how to use that behavior. I just wish it was different.

In fact, when in Finder, I think what I am trying to accomplish is to have the the default drag-and-drop behavior always be supplemented with the virtual command key press (which is still a move, even intra-disk) even if I am not holding the command key.

Hey Ed,

Keyboard Maestro can’t do that.

The only way to accomplish it would be to hack the Finder, and the two major apps that do that (TotalFinder and XtraFinder) will probably be killed by El Capitan’s SIP (system integrity protection).


I can confirm that XtraFinder will not work in El Capitan without disabling SIP.

OK, I figured I would not get too far down this path. Other things to focus on now, many thanks to both of you for the feedback.