Finding Image within Pop Up Menu

Hi guys, sorry if this is basic. But I'm trying to get Keyboard Maestro to select an item from a pop up menu. This is the pop up menu

Because some of these color blocks exist in other parts of the application I was telling Keyboard Maestro to find this image

and set the cursor location to it. Then I was gonna tell Keyboard Maestro to move my cursor left the appropriate amount to select the color I want.

The problem is I cannot seem to find the image or at least I can only some of the time. And when I do Keyboard Maestro only moves the cursor to the image and stops. Here is my workflow. Am I using Find Image incorrectly?


Are the colors fixed? If so, have Keyboard Maestro search for the whole color swatch.

The “None” image will be hard for Keyboard Maestro to find - grey images with not much contrast are difficult to find because so much of the screen is basically low contrast grey.

If you can restrict the search area to less than a quarter of the screen, then Keyboard Maestro will use a more exhaustive search which is slower but more accurate and may help.

Hey Peter thanks for your reply!

I switched it so that Keyboard Maestro is looking for the whole color swatch and then I'm having it move the mouse relative to the top left corner of the color swatch. The order of the colors in the swatch are static so I should be able to control what color the mouse clicks by setting an X value to move.

I'm basically trying to change the label color of a group of clips in Avid Media Composer. Some of the clips already have colors and some have no color. If the clips have no color then Keyboard Maestro doesn't seem to do anything. If the clips have a color already, then Keyboard Maestro is able to find and select the color that the clip is already labeled as, but it won't change the clip to the color that I want. It just seems to acknowledge what color the clip is already.

I'm not sure how to limit the search to only a portion of the screen. I should mention that I'm running V6.4.8. That's all my work computer can run :frowning2:

Any idea how I can get Keyboard Maestro to ignore the current color of the clip and just move the mouse relative to the top left corner of the color swatch?

Thanks again for your help!

You will have to figure out what part is failing.

Is the popup menu appearing?

Are you allowing enough time for it to appear before proceeding with the macro?

Is it finding the popup menu image?

Is it clicking in the right place?