[Firefox] I am using a scheduling webpage on which the dates go by in a matter of seconds. Trying to create an autoclick macro

I use an addon to refresh page every 2 seconds and look for changes in webpage.

It creates a loud notification, but I want to be able to auto-click the link (Date) that gets activated.
Every time a different date will get activated so I don't have a specific date but rather a date range.

Would really appreciate if you could help me creating a macro.
Basically I want to tie up the loud audio from firefox to activate firefox, click on available link (date)

Eg html for the active link is:

<td class="SOME" width="20" valign="TOP" height="15" align="RIGHT"> <a href="" onclick="javascript:schedule(56555,'10/25/2019'); return false;"> 25</a><br>AM</td>


<td class="NON" width="20" valign="TOP" height="15" align="RIGHT"> 24<br>&nbsp;</td>

Can't seem to figure out any logical sequence to those 56555 number

Thanks in anticipation.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

You can find the field using either XPath or javascript. You could use the action 'focus front browser field' and select the correct field from the 'front browser' dropdown.
After that you can use a click action of some sort.

However, I don't seem to get that to work at all and on the home page of the Keyboard Maestro website it says that browser actions only work in Safari and Chrome because the other browsers don't support Applescript.

If you have it working, then please let me know.