Firefox is not detected as front browser

I have the following action which runs with any other browser (e.g. Chrome, Brave, Safari etc.) but not with Firefox:

%FrontBrowserTitle% - [link](%FrontBrowserURL%)

The action takes the result of as plain text and copies it to the clipboard. However with Firefox, I get "Not running" when using a FrontBrowser token.

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Not a bug, as it happens.

Firefox lacks a scripting API and the token is listed in the docs as (like the KM browser actions, and the other browser tokens) Safari and Google Chrome only.

token:FrontBrowserURL [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

(If Brave did work – I haven't tried it – it would only be because it's a wrapper around the Chromium engine)

Thanks for clarifying that. I have removed the bug tag then.

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