Floating windows?

Firstly, understand I'm evaluating v9.0, not having purchased. I'm on a Mac, 10.14.6. So:

I'm not actually sure what the Mac calls the small floating windows, the ones like this :

image image

My question: how do I call an item on one of these windows? I tried using record, thinking KB would use the best method, but all it does is report a mouse location of where the window happens to be. This isn't sufficiently generalized. Perhaps I'm approaching this incorrectly?

Of course, there'd be a follow-up, asking how to specify something contained in the window.

If this is addressed in the documentation I am probably not using the right keywords.


Hey Michael,

You probably can't directly access any of the controls with Keyboard Maestro.

KM doesn't generally see those types of floating windows and cannot manipulate their controls.

However – you can use the Found Image condition to work with such things.

And – there's always AppleScript UI-Scripting.