For Each File (in Date Modified order)

KM is not reading my files in the correct "Date Modified" order in the "For Each" command.

To prove it I have reset the "Date Created" FOR EACH file based on increments to MINUTES and SECONDS. Not in the same order as can be seen from the image attached....

Anyone know of a workaround? My files will have Mod Dates of only a few seconds apart of necessity.....


Do you mean the For Each action with Date Modified sorting? Is this only for dates that are within a second of each other? As discussed elsewhere, Keyboard Maestro cannot differentiate between such dates because the API used does not return them (at least not with HFS+). Or do you mean there is a further issue even when the dates are different by at least a second?

Its the same problem you just mentioned here: [DATE] Change Creation and/or Modification Date of Selected Finder Item

I have found a workaround - thanks.