Found image not finding in front window in Chrome

I've noticed that find image works fine in all screens or main screen, but it can't find any images in the front window in Chrome, regardless of the precision. Is this just me?

@umop, it must be something in your macOS, Chrome, or Macro setup.
I use several KM Actions that use Found Image with Chrome frequently, and it always works for me.

If you'd like more speciifc help, please post/upload your script/macro, and a screenshot of the Chrome page, and clearly identify the image you are trying to find.

Also, please read:
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Yes, this is a know issue caused by weird accessibility behaviour in Chrome.

I may try to work around it for the next version, but basically Chrome is giving a different accessibility answer for the window title than the actual window title, and that is confusing Keyboard Maestro.

I forgot about that.

@umop: But Chris @ccstone to the rescue. Instead of the "front window", use an "area" based on the frame of the front window:

I had made this change to my macros long ago, and forgot about it. :wink:

This should be worked around for the next version of Keyboard Maestro (or resolved anytime the lunatics who caused Google Chrome to add “ - Google Chrome” to the end of every window’s accessibility title revert their ridiculous change).