Found image or pixel color to crop image

Is there a way to use something like “found image” or “pixel color” to crop image? All my images contain similar pixels and I would use them to crop the images.

Can you provide more specifics regarding the condition you have and the results you want?

What have you tried?

Let me explain. I would like to create a macro to save screenshots of tweets - from Tweetbot - in a specific folder. So, I capture the Tweetbot front window. But, as I do not want to keep the entire window screenshot, I added a "Crop Image" action in my macro. Unfortunately, if I know the x, y and width values, I do not know the height value because it changes constantly depending on the length of the tweet:

But, as you can see in the attached file, there are some icons in the bottom of the tweet that could probably be used as references to crop the picture (for instance, the star). Is it possible and if so, how?

I don't use TweetBot, so forgive what may be an ignorant question: doesn't "Save Image" do what you want?

The following should give you something useful (a y coordinate that you use to calculate the height of the crop area), as long as you can specify an image to find regardless of the content of the Tweet.

Note that this approach depends on the area that you want to crop and the image that you will use to determine that area's height, appearing simultaneously on one screen.

Not, obviously, a working macro — just an approach that I think can work.

Wow! Really nice approach! It works perfectly! HUGE thanks mate!

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Very glad to hear it was helpful. Sorry for the delay in responding — was traveling.